All Around the Room

by The Thumbnuts



All around the room,
All around the room,
Your eyes make me sick,
All around the room,
When I go outside,
what shape are the clouds?
All around the room
Walking around, yeah,
lookin' for a friendly face
Hell, all around the room
I smell something weird,
is it cooking? Or is it just,
all around the room?
No, turns out,
That as I screamed I counted,
I cannot scream, I cannot shout tonight
The room, the room
I see you, in my room
I take this room four corners at a time, in my mind
Opposite corners of this room in my mind
There aren't enough pills to blow me away, in my mind
I scream from the inside of my mind
It stinks! From the inside, of my mind
The room, the room
I see you, in my room
All around the room


released June 2, 2017



all rights reserved


The Thumbnuts Jackson, Michigan

Gus Péwé, & Tommy Colangelo are The Thumbnuts.

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